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Your AI brain twin

Designed to help you connect the dots across your learnings and boost your thinking.

Used by over 10,000+ lifelong learners

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Your brain doesn’t just grow smarter with every query, but becomes your trusted, reliable thought partner. See the insights it uses to craft answers and request precise citations when needed.

Bring your brain to life. Use it to write, brainstorm, research and shape opinions - all in a matter of seconds.


Your brain runs on insights. Save, organize & visualize everything you're learning from straight from your apps or web browser.


Build your AI brain

How Melon helps you learn

Knowledge and content are two very different things...

Elevate your thinking by engaging in discussion on specific content pieces or broad topics with your AI brain.

Discuss Insights

Cultivate Your Expertise

Boost your thinking with discussions guided by your own curated AI. Save time creating newsletters, LinkedIn posts, and consolidating your ideas.

Melon goes beyond recalling insights from specific content, identifying trends and connecting the dots across your entire knowledge base.

Recall Ideas

Grow your knowledge base and find insights through smart, AI-driven semantic search.

Knowledge Management


Phoebe Dodds

Growing startups in the EU & US 📈

I love Melon — one of the few apps I actually use on a daily basis. It’s so valuable having a place to store links, ideas, things to come back to… it genuinely reduces my stress levels knowing I have everything saved in one place!


Cecilia Bratt

Business Coach

I love Melon! Use it daily. It's where I curate useful content that I can later get back to and revisit.


Sarah Dyrda


Melon is my favorite app ever!!! It has been so helpful to organise my thoughts, my inspirations and everything I have in my brains, into actual collections, it's a game changer. I feel like I can be more productive now, as I know where everything is saved. I also discovered so many amazing collections and inspirations on the app from other creators, in particular related to Design. Thanks to Melon, I have been learning a lot everyday, the app is so easy to use and content easy to save. Goodbye old notes lists and screenshots!! Hello Melon :D



Product designer

Why wasn’t this invented before?!


Saga Simon

Product designer

This is the BEST tool to remember what I need to learn and to learn new things. I use it everyday and it’s been such a treat following the evolution of this app 🍈 I really use it as an extension to my brain 🧠



Product designer

Hello Hello ☺️ First, I’ve been absolutely loving ✨ Melon! It’s so fun and intuitive to use and it’s AAAAAA PERFECT!!!



First time founder ~ lifelong learner

I use Melon to save my bookmarks for later (and hope I'll have time to actually read them haha), save content from various platforms in collections and to follow other collection to expand my knowledge and get inspired. I appreciate that you can collect content from all platforms no matter the format + I really enjoy the UI and the gamifications nuggets!